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Well, it looks like my post didn’t take, so I’ll type it all again.

As long as you aren’t charging people you’re fine by me. Your work has some glaring technical errors that would be unforgivable for a pro, but since you’re a student, it just means that you haven’t progressed that far yet.

The biggest thing I’d recommend working on is lighting. Learn everything you can about studio lighting and setups, even if you don’t have any studio equipment because the concepts all translate to available light photography. It’s a little harder because you can’t move them and you’ve got to think a little more, but you can use any single light setup outside with just a reflector and the big light source in the sky.

Your composition and consistency will come in time, so keep up the work on that.

One thing I will say is that if someone comes to ask you to shoot their wedding, remind them that you are not a professional yet, and encourage them that they should really hire a real professional photographer for such an important day. Then ask the photographer they hire to let you assist for the day (for free). You’ll spend a lot of the day  lugging equipment around and making adjustments to the lights for the photographer, but you’ll also learn a ton. And this way the client will be guaranteed good photos.