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O.K. seems I need to MAKE time to reply

You DID receive honest opinions on just the work posted on that page
“As long as you aren’t charging people you’re fine by me. Your work has some glaring technical errors that would be unforgivable for a pro, but since you’re a student, it just means that you haven’t progressed that far yet.”

“You will get better with time as long as you keep trying to learn.  I wouldn’t be charging at your skill level yet, but if people see your work and are willing to pay for it, go right ahead.”

My opinion as well was based off the work on the page you provided, like I said I did not go through any of your photos on your Facebook page.  And based on the photos you provided and the fact that you were in business you meet my criteria for being a faux. I’m so sorry you didn’t hear what you wanted to hear, but you needed to hear it just the same.

I may be a dick, but I have never felt the need to name call, or point out typos to get my point across.  OF COURSE my portrait was SHIT!  Like total *yawn* I’m a beginner, and it was my first time attempting studio.  I do believe I was aware of that when I posted to a forum desperately asking for help because I had no idea what I was doing.  This would be why I am not in business and have not yet started to build a portraiture portfolio of work.  Knowing what goes into a good photograph/portrait and actually being able to achieve it consistently and reliable are two completely different things.

While I agree I was very active on the boards since they started, and had no life, but complete and utter limbo during this looong and horrible move that began in June and hasn’t ended until now, I don’t agree that I was vindictive.  Completely trashing everyone in sight?!   Really?!

Of course that’s the reason they ask for my my portfolio.  I get no requests for it when I feel only the need to encourage someone to “keep doing what you are doing”  or “I’m impressed”  It’s only requested in hopes to find a way to criticize my work, or find fault with what I am doing with my photography, after I critiqued their work when they asked.  I personally have never felt the need to look up anyone’s work here at YANAP after they were critical of someone’s work.  Instead, I listen to them intently and learn from them.  But maybe that’s just me.

“you claim you’re not a pro but still sell prints, cards, etc. Does that make you a faux as well?”

No, I do not sell a professional service.  I do not sell photos that were wanted by someone as soon as they were clicked because it is of themselves or their loved ones.  The only person personally invested in what I sell, is myself.  Comparing selling art and selling a professional service is like comparing apples and oranges.  No one ever feels obligated personally or otherwise to purchase my work.  This is why its pretty rare and incredibly special to be successful at selling art, and for the most of us, it’s has to be more about self fulfillment.
“Perhaps a bad experience with not getting decent family photos and losing your sight has made you vengeful?”
Losing my sight, no.  But yes, I am angry about fauxtography ruining something so important to us.  Does this reaction seem strange to you, or invalidated?  I’m pretty sure we all agree we hate fauxtography and want to do something to stop it.