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Oh god, these responses almost have me wetting my pants. Im only a new member to the forum so I didnt really know what I was in for but now I know not to listen to most of you people (note that I said most, not all).

@IHF, yep, you are a dick. You’re coming across so insanely stuck up and a miss know it all when really, you have no place putting people down and calling them fauxtographers. Sure your macro is great but who are you to judge me on my portrait work when the one example you could provide me is SHIT. Yep, I said it. Its flat, its boring, its crap. Im not going to apologize for trying to push myself and getting outdoors and working with light that I cant control.  I may not be perfect, but I never claimed to be.  Please bugger off and focus on yourself before dishing out negativity. Incase you’re yet to notice, nobodys too keen on what you have to say. Cheers.