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@IHF I have to agree with Click It about you being vindictive. It seems you’re all over the board with your comments and yet you’ll write lengthy comments all while “having no time” to do so. Commenting as “honestly and as accurately as I possibly can” does not mean completely trashing everyone in sight. Having your link requested seems like those you put down are thinking “Just what makes her better than me?” I came across this site a couple weeks ago and I must say this is not the best place to get helpful advice, but there is such a thing as having some tact, which obviously you do not possess. You replied to one person that she was not a fauxtographer because she does not charge for her work, but you claim you’re not a pro but still sell prints, cards, etc. Does that make you a faux as well? Perhaps a bad experience with not getting decent family photos and losing your sight has made you vengeful?

I’m not about to make this into a war of words, but if you feel you have to lash out at me for expressing my opinion about someone who is in the top three for negative posts on here, then by all means do so and I’ll move on. Malula’s thread is not the place to continue this “discussion” (it could have been added to any thread) but having it here with Click It’s opinion keeps both our thoughts in the same area. Lastly, if you wear your “amature hat proudly”. at least spell “amateur” correctly.