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I didn’t look deeply through your photos on face book, just quickly scrolled through your wall after looking you up.  Saw that you shot newborns, and a red flag went up. I’m so relieved you are using composites.  So many beginners don’t realize what they are needed.  Sorry I didn’t take the time to look more closely.

click it, come on!  The total time it took me to look at the photos she provided, question the logo, type 2words into google, and re post to MBC was a minimal fraction of a fraction of my day.  It took more time to find a link explaining composites.  I apologize for being worried about safety, but not worried enough to examine all the newborn photos on her Facebook page first before jumping the gun.

thank you for your critique.  I will take your over editing comment as a compliment as I meticulously place reflective and colorful objects in stratigic locations, custom WB in camera, and spend huge amounts of time setting up my shots so no editing is nessesary. Only a handful of my images have been altered in any way, other than brushed in definition where needed.  I do not post my marketable portraiture experiments publicly unless I need help or critique and redbubble is no place for either.  I also am completely aware that my portfolio of art is both aperture-ish and simplistic, and in no way as challenging and complicated as marketable portraiture is.  It only serves as my muse, and a sorce of creative encouragement to keep me going and creatively fullfilled.  I wear my amature hat proudly and only wish i had more company.  I have only posted a link to my work when people ask, and each and every time I feel silly and embarassed because it does not pertain to what’s being discussed at all.

you and I may not see eye to eye on this.  My standards are obviously higher than yours, most likely because of my photography instructor and my background, this is ok.  People come here for opinions, I provide mine as honestly and as accurately as I possibly can.  Everyone here is free to do the same, wether opinions are different or not.  It’s discussion, it’s what forums are for