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I have to agree with IHF, the images really don’t do your models justice. You have these beautiful women wanting you to create something fantastic for them and unfortunately you’re not delivering that at the moment. While it is true that some of the women (and men) on Model Mayhem don’t have stellar photos for their portfolios, some of them do… and those are the ones who get noticed. Ultimately your images are rather uninteresting. The poor girls have hot spots on their faces in the images with the flash; this is very distracting and unflattering.
As their photographer, it’s your job to direct them also. If their hair is unruly, you do something about it; if their posing is awkward or the sun is casting harsh shadows on their eyes, you move them.

As it stands right now, none of those photos are portfolio worthy for those models.
Take someone else along with you when you shoot and have then assist you. Use a reflector, diffuser and softbox, you’ll help with those harsh shadows and the softbox can help with the hot spots on their faces when you use a flash. Bring some bobby pins and oil absorbing wipes. It will really help and save you editing time later on.