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For shooting models a longer focal length is generally better as you don’t want to accentuate them with a wide angle. The lens on an iphone I think is 35mm equivalent and your 50 is equivalent to a 75mm. Lots of people like the 85mm (on a full frame) for portraits but I personally like to use longer focal lengths in the region of 135-200 (if you have enough space) as the compression is far more flattering and the longer focal lengths help with subject isolation. Just look up what a 200 f2 lens can do with portraits

I like the shot with the girl in black sports bra though, interesting lighting, good pose and nice framing. I would probably personally have added a small light from the back to give a bit more of a rim light in the hair as her black hair blends into the black background. This is probably the only shot I’d keep out of the ones you have put up in the portfolio. The other shot with the same girl could have been decent but her face looks completely smudged, did you use noise reduction on it? You want their skin to look smooth but not like plastic.