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I hope you are ready for this, because is going to be harsh


I hate to tell you this but you sir are a fauxtog if you start charging.  The only thing keeping my respect for you at this point, is the fact that you aren’t charging.

I decided just to pick an album and critique all the images within

I chose Leah Marie
1) you made her look so old.  She looks like a cut out (a badly done cut out) in front of a crooked horizon.
2) This pose is not very attractive.  Her facial skin around her mouth almost looks zombie-ish
3) This one is a little better.  Although I don’t like the unevenness of her eyes
4) Another unattractive pose.  Look at her neck/chin.  Her skin tone is also very odd
5) again with the weird neck. ditto
6) ditto
7) better pose.  horrible backdrop.  She’s been cut in half
8) The lighting is HORRIBLE!  Half shade half full sun.  Again with the neck.  Very unflattering
9) The pose is a touch better, but still not up to par.  You cut off her feet. AND her eyes are the focus dude!  Not her ass, no matter how lovely it is to look at
10) Horrible back drop.  Bad shadows, and the same pose that was used through out her session


Number 8 and 9 is what convinced me you aren’t getting it.  No photographer would put #8 in their portfolio ever, and #9 well, this just gives me the impression that you like to take advantage of beautiful woman and take their picture for fun.