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I hate to say that my first thought was also “GWC”.  The reason for this being that you state you will shoot “anything pretty much, after all a subject is a subject”….so why are all of your photos of scantily clad women? No male models? They’re subjects too!

I think your best album is of Gabrielle Scarlet – I like the contrast of colours between her hair and the blue hoodie, and the majority of her poses are strong and flattering. This album indicates you are trying to do something fun and creative, rather than focus on the lack of clothing.  You should do more photoshoots like this one.

The album of Leah Marie is the least successful, as a lot of the poses are unflattering and lean towards the “skanky” side of things. This group of photos screams GWC.

Remember that sexiness is not necessarily overt – smouldering eyes, strong poses and flattering outfits are usually far better than parading around in skimpy bras and knickers!