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I will preface this with the hope that I am wrong about this, but from your presentation here, on mayhem, and on facebook, this is what you look like.

I don’t even have to look at your work and based on this post I have 3 letters for you, and a two words.

GWC. Please Stop.

But you wanted to know if you are a fauxtog, and the answer to that question is most definitely, and beyond that, you are the most reprehensible kind. You present yourself as a photographer, use that misdirection to get women to shoot with you, then you treat them like meat. The pictures don’t show respect for the women you shoot, and that makes my blood boil.

That isn’t to say that shooting nudes, or even shooting “sexy” photos is necessarily a bad thing, or that it makes you a creep. But no women who shoots with you would ever come out the other side looking like a stripper. It is very easy to get attention by shooting photos like this, but it detracts from you and from your work, plus, it teaches models that this is what it takes to get work. and I can’t stand that. Instead, the challenge of shooting a beautiful woman is to make her desirable and sexy without either compromising her femininity or tarnishing her image. The challenge is even greater when you shoot nudes, there is a very very narrow area where it is done well, and to one side is amateur porn and the other side is gratuitous nudity.

Again, I really really hope that you aren’t actually the guy that your work, posts, and websites make you look like you are. But don’t set out to shoot that type of work. If anything, doing it well takes even more skill than ordinary portraiture. When and if you’re good enough to pull it off, that type of work will come to you.