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I agree with Nesgran especially about your b+w conversions. For b+w, more dramatic, directional lighting generally works better, to create a greater tonal range and therefore give your subject depth and form. In your b+w’s the lighting is fairly flat and any contrast you had came from the colours – when the colour has gone, there’s no contrast and hence the image is too flat.

Another couple of things I noticed are.

I would spend more time editing the newborn images, not the birth ones maybe as I guess these are more of a documentative nature. But there are other NB’s with very red eyelids and crusty skin. I know this is the reality but as a mum I would prefer my NB pics to be edited a bit more. I think most would appreciate the same.

Watch for distractions in the b/g, it’s easy not to always notice what’s going on behind your subject, in the whole frame etc. But try to get into the habit of doing so. Or edit out distractions in post. For example, in one there is some distracting branches coming out of a girl, in the maternity waterfall one, the subject has a vine cutting right through her head etc.

You also have a couple of shots where the expression is off, eyes closed etc. Though in general I thought you had nice expressions and eye contact, which indicates you have a good rapport with your clients and can get them to relax, which I’m learning is no meat feat, so well done for that. But I’d delete the ones with eyes closed etc.

In another shot there are reflections in the guys glasses.

There are also badly focused photos. And ones where the colours seem off.

I would have a cull and only leave your best images, and I’d echo the above, please stay away from traintracks – not only is it tacky but so dangerous. Not just for yourself and your clients but youngsters and wannabes could  see your images and try to imitate.  A couple of people got killed really recently doing this.