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Something up my alley.
MJ, I took a look at your photos and I will give you my best overall advice, good and bad. It is nothing personal, so please do not take it that way if my critique appears too hard.
I would say that you need some more work before charging. There are some that are okay but it appears that you need to edit more or at least render your images better before getting to the $$ making part.
Just out of curiosity, you have a 5DMk3, what lenses are you using? From what I see, it looks like a 50mm and a 70-200.

The girl displayed on the very 1st page is crooked, like she is leaning right. Shots like this benefit from symmetry and a clean background. There are some elements in the BG that are distracting.

Without getting into each and every one, here how I see it. I think you need to brush up on your lighting techniques and poses a bit, along with your editing. The editing does not make your female models look flattering. No one has perfect skin, but no one wants a large photo highlighting their imperfect skin.
I was going to say something about your color control, but I realized that I was looking at them on my 2nd monitor which is not color calibrated (yet).

The website – I like the style, the minimalistic approach works, but the layout is hurting your photos. Just curious? Why is the header so damn large? It takes up about 50% of the on-screen real estate, this is where you should be showcasing your works, good or bad.
The good part is once I scroll down and scroll through your photos, I don’t have to scroll down each time, so maybe it does work. Let’s hear from others before re-designing anything there.

DOn’t give up, we all start from Zero. You can’t learn this stuff overnight,it takes time and a lot of error. If anything, keep making mistakes and learn from them. But above all, KEEP SHOOTING!!!

As for your question, Faux or NO. If you keep down this path without progressing, then yes a FAUX. But I see some early learner’s mistakes in your work. You’ll get better if you keep trying.