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I would remove those pics of the Ultimate Photo Battles, does not help your case one bit.  If anything it makes you look more like a fauxtog then anything or a guy looking for acclaim.

As for a hobby or professional, using facebook is a fine way to “promote” your photography but like nairbynair stated earlier, having it in some sort of order or cataloged in a way that is more flattering to your craft.  Having a random mix of photos mixed with a trip to the zoo and aquarium is fine for your personal page, but watermarking some of the photos tells me that you’re thinking a bit more serious then vacation snaps.  If they are just snaps, leave the watermark off of them, trust me.

As for the woman in the park, makes you look like a perv or stalker, unless you are one, I would have deleted it.  Facebook is cheap aka Free, create another page for your photography and keep the “serious ” ones on there and don’t inter-mix them.  Then others will take you more seriously.  If I were you, I would go through your photos, pick out your best and post them to one of the many Free sites, Facebook, Flickr, Weebly, Wix, 72dpi, 500px and so on.

My critique:  not trying to break you down or anything.  Some of the photos are meh to okay.  I see a lot of technical issues like composition, focus, complimentary contrasts and so on.  But it is hard for me to honestly look at your photos and really critique them without knowing which ones you were really trying on verses the ones that are just snaps.