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No problem.

With regards to what he had to say – the bad news is:  Ebi has a point. I can really only comment on the landscape photos (because I’m shit with portrait and animal photography), but they, more or less, feel like snapshots.

The good news is: You can absolutely improve.

Pick out your faves (with regards to landscape) and I can try to point out areas of strength and areas for improvement. There are a couple common areas that could use some attention:

1)  The foreground is very often a few stops darker than the background. Sunrise/Sunsets will prove difficult to expose correctly without the proper gear. If that’s your niche, invest in a set of neutral density graduated filters – they are absolutely essential. Either that, or get really good at bracket shooting and merging in post production. If either prove challenging, I’ve found that metering for a dark spot in the foreground and then underexposing by 2/3 – 1 1/3 stop will generally yield usable results (with some tweaking). The sky/sun will likely be a bit blown out.

2)  Foreground interest is fundamental in landscape photography. Look at every award winning landscape photo and you’ll start noticing common themes – especially with the “anchor” and the “whatever draws the eyes through the image.” Learn these.