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@EMF, I think what CC is trying to say is that my first several comments came off as rude and insensitive as if I were just a troll here to get a few kicks. Once he saw enough of my posts that offered some insight, it showed that I had some knowledge and wasn’t just a simple troll.

I’m not interested in showing my work. I’m interested in helping others who want to be a photographer and what better place is there to do that than YANAP? lol. My method is a little different than most, and while I’ve toned it down some, I still feel that tough love is a little more effective.


If I had your supposed amazing and highly sought after and well paid skill level I would be willing to put up some shots and prove just how amazing I am

Never said, nor implied, any of that. This is your assumption. I am a working photographer. Sometimes I get paid well, sometimes I don’t. That is the nature of the business, but I keep busy.

You on the other hand seem unwilling to do so, and that in itself takes away from any credibility that you might think you have.

I’m not looking for validation or credibility. I think you are though. Sorry, I cannot do that, nor is that my role. I can only say what I see. You’ll fare far better if you aren’t looking so much for validation from others.

I could care less if you like my shit, you and your opinions mean nothing without your perfect work to back it up. I am not trying to pick a fight with you,

Then stop trying to pick a fight with me. Go use that time to take better pictures. Sometimes you just have to scurry off with your tail between your legs and come back stronger next time.

We can all say that your photography sucks and we will never know because you don’t seem to have the backbone to post anything to back up your comments.

I don’t really think that looking at my work would help you any. I can offer you all the advice in the world but only you will be able to solve your problems. I’ve tried emulating others’ work. I’ve tried flat out copying it. It doesn’t work. I know what I like and what I don’t like and I do my best to be as original and creative as I can be. I fail often, but it feels really good when I succeed.

I’d be willing to bet your shit is not that good, if it was you would have it on here for all to see, it shows in your comments.

I’d be willing to bet my shit isn’t that good either! We can double down and share the pot. How much you got?

Your pictures suck as well, care to prove me wrong?

Not really. You are doing a fine job of that yourself.