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Well then lead on wise one.
My only problem with your original comment was that you gave nothing,.
Like I said, If I had your supposed amazing and highly sought after and well paid skill level I would be willing to put up some shots and prove just how amazing I am. Show us all and get some respect, otherwise you certainly won’t get any from me and I’m sure many others on here agree.
You on the other hand seem unwilling to do so, and that in itself takes away from any credibility that you might think you have.

I could care less if you like my shit, you and your opinions mean nothing without your perfect work to back it up. I am not trying to pick a fight with you, but I’m not the type to just take shit from someone who thinks they are the man and are not willing to prove it.
I am sure that the majority of people on here feel the same way about you. We can all say that your photography sucks and we will never know because you don’t seem to have the backbone to post anything to back up your comments.
Someone on here said that you should check out your teaches work before you take their class, well teacher, here is your opportunity to make us believe that all the crap you spout is the truth. I’d be willing to bet your shit is not that good, if it was you would have it on here for all to see, it shows in your comments.
Obviously you can polish a turd, or at least you seem to think you are pretty shiny.
And I am not “obsessing” over your posts. I’m calling it like I see it.
Your pictures suck as well, care to prove me wrong? I know you are to good for that, so good that you have nothing to prove.

Thanks again for proving me right!