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Thanks so much for your time and advice. I’m on a phone and I can’t type a novel or do all of that yet, but when I’m back at the computer I will try all your tips.

I think my reasoning with the font at first was that I’m marketing for families & kids so it’d needed to look.. ‘kiddIe’ and not sophisticated ha. But reading your post made it click and also kids aren’t reading those.. The parents are.. A big ‘DUH!’ on my part.

Ill give that article a read when I can, but I’ve been thinking for a while to just do my name (small) in some plain font at a low opacity. Maybe that will look better.

Ill also click through– I really like that idea a lot.

Thank you so much for your input!


PS- Got any take on my editing? I think I need to let up some.. I feel they are too contrasty or something.. Maybe? On FB most of those are sharpened for the web so maybe I should post regular files later. Oh and are my skin tones crazy in pictures…? Just give me the heads up if they are haha 🙂