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Hi Bill,

Thank You for the honesty.  I am wondering what specifically I can do to improve?  I have only been working with models since September.  Is there a special tool, filter or program I can use to smooth the skin better?  I have edited them, but I am being heavy handed?  I am very interested in how to improve.

I shoot with a variety of lenses, mainly 24-105 f4.0L.  I am about to invest in a few new primes, like a 35 f/1.4L (there is a less expensive f/ 2, but I am trying to stick to L if I can afford it) and a Sigma EX DG HSM 85 f/1.4.  I wish I could afford the Canon 85 L, but that one is out of budget.  Again there is a f/1.8 version from Canon, but I want as fast as I can afford with the best optics possible.  I also need to get a calibration program.