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Sorry to hear about limbo land. I just got out of my limbo today so hopefully on Friday I will be on the road šŸ˜€ What part of Cali will you be moving too? I will be in Northern California….can’t wait! The scenery there is just breath taking. Hurry up and wait….sounds like military hahahaha.

I thank you for your critique and it was exactly what I was wanting….DIRECTION!

I intend to clean out the albums once I get to my destination and possibly start a Zenfolio account to separate the fun from work. You hit it on the head as far as impulsiveness to share. At the beginning I was uploading EVERYTHING, believeĀ  me the albums are a lot smaller than what they used to be. I try to be more critical with the ones I upload now than I was before. I have noticed that when I am taking “people” shots that I almost always cut off the legs :/ it’s something I am working on fixing. I was aware of it before, but with your reinforcement of that issue, I will probably remember it better next time.

I have printed a few for friends and family, but not for myself. My wife wants to have some of them printed so we can hang in our house in Cali. When you say start a print portfolio are you saying like 5×7 or 8×10? If so that sounds like a great idea and one that I will implement in the very near future.

Again, thanks for your time.