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I am making a move out to cali myself, all the way from the east coast.  Unlike you though,  I’m stuck in limbo land and have way too much time on my hands currently.  Hurry up and wait, hurry up and wait lol  good luck with your move out west 🙂

I think your nature, and/or things photography is much stronger than your people.  In general, Looks like you understand good comp, your exposure seems good throughout, and your shots show some skill and/or thought behind them.

Your portrature needs a lot of work, but your event photography isn’t bad at all.  Looks almost as though you work better on the fly and/or under more pressure to make quick decisions, But your cropping could use some work.  Go through some of your event photos and notice all the cut limbs and all the headroom.  Too much headroom most times.

I think if you want to move forward and start taking your photography more seriously a good portfolio cleanout and or separate website is in order.  Too many photos.  At the very least make a “portfolio” album to separate your fun shots from your work.  You need to start choosing just one of a scene/pose/set up to represent your work.  Let’s say you shoot an event.  Sure,  show your friends (or clients if you chose to take that route) all their pictures, but only the best photos that represent that event should go in your portfolio.  Same with nature/ locations/objects/portraits only the best should make the cut and only one should represent a subject or pose.  Try sitting on them for a few days instead of making an impulsive decision to share.

Have you finished any of your photographs?  If not that is for sure your next to do.  Get some of your favorite shots printed and/or finished.  You will learn so much from it.  Another good idea, to help you see the direction you are moving with your photography is to start a paper/print portfolio. One with sleeves so you can change over time, and see how you are evolving and wich direction you are gravitating to.

I don’t think you are ready to be for hire, but you are ready to take the next step and start getting more serious