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Sweet deal. 5d Mk II is an awesome camera.. Well, I concede to you then, apparently I was misinformed about what you had at some point.. What you have is a good deal then.. All you really need is a 85mm and you have a pretty useable range..  I’d personally sell off all the other lenses (aside from the 24-70) and buy a 70-200

24-70 and 70-200.. Once you’ve got both of those lenses, then work on gathering primes.. When speaking in terms of versatility you can’t really beat those 2 as a pair.. When getting primes, I’d suggest buying the 85mm f/1.2 mark II, then an 35mm.. As far as macro goes, I’d go for the 180mm 3.5 over the 100.. You can get closer without scaring off whatever it is you’re trying to shoot.

I have a copy of the 100mm f/2.8L, I’m a gear monkey.. I pretty much have everything except for the super primes (200mm f/2 and up)

The lens is sharp as a tack (100mm), it’s a good lens for both macro and portraits.. The 135 is probably one of the sharpest if not THE sharpest lens.. I really guess it all comes down to what you want..

When I am on a job, I carry a 16-35. 24-70, 70-200 and an 85mm.. Nice thing is, I have all 4 on a camera and all 4 are fast lenses.. So, I miss _nothing!_ and I don’t have to swap lenses every 10 to 15 minutes 😀 I know you do photo shoots for people in settings where you are in charge and have time to swap things out.. But for weddings and events where you don’t really have the luxury of time.. Zoom zooom.. 😀

as far as wildlife goes, just buy a 400mm f/5.6L or a 200mm f/2.8L and get a 2x extender.  Kinda a slow lens (400mm) but how many people shoot birds at night *eh*