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Awe I think my other post got deleted. I was asking your opinion on the 16-35. What do you use it for most? The gentleman who sold me his 24-70 has a 17-40 he offered to make me a sweet deal on if I was ever interested. I have rented a 35mm L from Borrowlenses.com and really liked it. The minimum focus distance was awesome! I’ve been tempted to try out the 24mm L to see how it performs in ill lit, semi cramped spaces like the Penny Arcade here. I’ve heard that it has less distortion that the 24-70 at 24mm, but I don’t know myself.

I really appreciate the advice about the flashes. I would love to pick up the 600! I’m semi frugal though (I hardly pay full price for my equipment, I wait for sales and specials so maybe the holidays??) so I’ve got my fingers crossed for an open box to stumble through my store. I have heard that sometimes using transmitters can be unreliable but again, no experience personally so I’m only going off heresay.