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Mrs Woo

I definitely don’t like the lens flare on the last image.  It makes it too hard for me to decide of those berries might be tasty.

I almost always have my lens hoods on my lenses.  Too easy to knock them into things so there is some added protection (I also have learned that, even with good quality UV filters you can end up with not quite as good of quality as your lens produces “naked,” especially when I was doing night photography, and also that it wasn’t actually necessary as some websites insinuate), so the lens hood is a good way to protect a lens while not having to worry about issues with the filter causing ghosting or other abberations.  I don’t get a lot of flare, though rarely I might try to catch enough of the sun to create flare on purpose for some shots.  My Arabian looks nice with some lens flare if it is in the right place, for instance.