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The first lens flare takes away from the photo. It doesn’t add to it and, if anything, it just shows that you made a mistake. I personally think it’s fine to have lens flare in things. As long as adds to the photo like your other two photos.

One of my photography pet peeves however is people saying “o I kinda like it in an artsy way.” when they make an error and say that it just makes the photo all the more beautiful. It’s a mistake, no point covering up a mistake by saying that you discovered some hidden beauty.

Flickr and things like Facebook is not really the greatest place to get opinions. All you really get are a whole bunch of sycophants affirming everything you do as gold. If you really want honest and true opinions, go to modelmayhem.com or any photographer dedicated websites and they will come up with the same conclusion. The lens flare was a mistake.