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Your animal and flower photos are nice but there isn’t that much to say about them to be honest. Everyone and their dog takes photos of their cats and post them on the internet. In general these photos aren’t strong enough in composition/subject/colour/etc to stand on their own. If you created a series of shots it might work as a whole but the one offs, well they don’t add much.

The portraits on the other hand are a different matter. Girl with black furry hood up, this is a great shot slightly ruined sadly. She has a great expression, the composition works well for me but sadly focus is on the furry hood instead of her eyes. This could have been a great shot if it was just a little sharper. I would probably have lightened up her face a little, either with a smidge of fill flash or afterwards in post. A third of a stop would be my suggestion as a starting point.

Same girl but with the brownish wheels. Nowhere near as strong as the hood shot, this looks more like a family holiday photo unfortunately. The water bottle steals attention and you never get a sense of context. What are the brown things? They look like cannons but I’m not sure. It could do with a shorter depth of field as well to draw your eyes to the subject. I think (without knowing what the background looks like) that you could have used a shorter lens, shorter depth of field but included more of the surroundings. The harsh sunlight isn’t great but there aren’t too much of the dreaded raccoon eyes at least.

The shells with rings. Main problem, the horizon. It is not level and it cuts through the rings. Why is there another small shell, does it have a meaning or did it just happen to be there?

The bunny is just freaky

The tea mug concept is nice but I’m sure you could find some better representation of cold and miserable than that?

I think you are doing well for the experience you have and the kit available. Your portraits are more interesting than the rest and I think you have done really with with the first portrait apart from a few problems but I’m sure you’ll learn from them and not repeat them again. I hope you show us where you are at in six months!