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I see the photos now.  I only had a minute before running off to class and wanted to let you know we couldn’t see the link.  When I clicked on it, Flickr said “page not found”.  And, I wanted to note there was more to a good/bad photo than just composition, but didn’t have time to really get into a long diatribe.

Nesgran’s points are worth noting.  It’s amazing what creeps into photos!  Space to crop saves work.  Frames come in different shapes, 4X6, 5X7, 8X10 are all different height to width ratios, so if you are too tight it can cause difficulty cropping to the various sizes.

I’m wondering if he had a black shirt to start, or a navy blue one.  Somehow, it looks a bit purple after editing.  I like the edited skin tones better.  If you are good with Photoshop, you could adjust the white and black separately from the skin and background then put layers together and mask to get the final result.  Way too much work if you are doing 500 photos, but OK for one or two.

I don’t mind they are not looking at the camera.  It looks like he has just commented on what he is looking at and she is laughing at the comment.  I think it worked well.

All together, I think it is a pretty good photo.  You could do some colour correction and some cosmetic adjustment of the bride to improve it further.