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CC, if you click the link it’ll show you the shot.

I’m guessing when you got home and opened the photo and saw the shoddy composition you had a bit of a heart sink moment. You’ve sorted it nicely with your photoshop skills but there is something about the perspective that gets my brain a little confused. Don’t worry about getting the shot a bit off, we all have them. I just noticed I have a ladder in the background of some of the posed wedding photos from this weekend. A shiny bloody aluminium ladder just off the brides shoulder partly hidden by some foilage. That’ll be fun to get rid off

They have nice expressions but it looks a little disjointed as they aren’t looking the same direction or at each other. The edit is nice and subtle and makes the photo look a lot better but I think your blacks are a little off as you’ve lightened the shadows making his shirt look washed out.

As for the composition, I would probably have taken the shot from a higher perspective as that way the brides double chins would lessen. All women are self concious about them, even if they don’t say anything. She looks slim apart from that bit and while you don’t want to lie you want to make this appear as flattering as possible.

All in all, I’m guessing you won’t make that mistake again? A good rule of thumb is to always shoot with space to crop.