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Ok I’m back for more. I’m not going to keep this picture up for long, because it’s from a wedding I assisted, and I have no idea what kind of contract was signed (not trying to get anyone sued). This is one I took, and I’m only showing the before and after for CC, not trying to sell, etc. So I think I’ll be ok by sharing this, just covering my butt just in case.

Anyway. I know I should have gotten it right in camera first and foremost. But in the meantime, while I learn, I am unfortunately relying on “editing in post”. My question is: if I had gotten the comp right, would this be considered decent?


A note on the edit: the left has the crop by the groom’s knee. That is how it was shot. The additional space on the right side of the picture was all fabricated in post, including some of the shingles. REALLY thankful for photoshop experience while I’m learning 🙂