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Thanks for the pointers cameraclicker. In the portrait photo, it felt awkward to cradle the lens with the extra weight of the flash, so I was trying to find a middle ground. Likely just me being overly-anxious, which I tend to do. I do have a question about the paper wrap, I feel like if I have any DIY type stuff it may reflect on my friend badly, would guests even notice something like that?

Also in the time from my first post and now, I went for a walk with my photog friend. Upon voicing my concerns, I found out I mostly won’t be using my own equipment when assisting her. I will be using my own camera, with her old D5000 as a backup (since it’s similar to what I’m familiar with), and she has several lenses as well as flashes she already planned on having me use. Also she’s going to take me to the venue to get an idea of lighting several days in advance (she’s familiar with it, I’m not). She’s also good friends with the wedding planner, so she will be present if I have any questions. So I have some anxiety relief at least 🙂