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I think the light looks pretty reasonable for what you are doing.  Sometimes you can angle the light up and behind you, sometimes straight up, or even forward and up if you are shooting someone across a large room.  Grip when holding the camera landscape, looks good.  Grip when holding the camera portrait, should only be different in that the shutter release hand should be on top, your bottom hand should still be cradling the lens, you seem to have wrapped it around the flash.

Instead of the bounce card, if you are going to point the flash straight up, try rotating the head and wrapping white paper around the back half, like this:



Pay attention to how high the ceiling is, and what colour it is.  If you bounce flash off a wall, you need to pay attention to the same things.  Try to avoid situations where the camera can see the flash reflected back by mirrors, windows, and high-gloss paint.