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Thank you for your feedback Nesgran!

The wheels in the portrait (my daughter) were from a cannon, we were at an old fort which has been turned into a museum. I hate to admit this, because I know it’s bad, but I didn’t even notice the water bottle when I snapped the picture. Bad, I know. But, I have been working on trying to look at the whole frame instead of tunnel visioning since then.

The shell with rings is a good example of another issue I’ve been working on: Horizons. I’m not really sure where to place them, and I have noticed that I have overlooked them in many of my photos. I have been trying to pay more attention to making sure they’re straight, but when it comes to placement, I’m at a loss. Would you have placed it above, or below the rings? I think where I went wrong with it in that picture (aside from not being straight), is I was trying to place it above the shell, and completely overlooked the fact that it was on the rings, the whole point of the picture (sigh).

Your comment about the bunny picture made me laugh, because my husband agrees with you 100%. His exact words were “that thing has murder eyes”. That one came from noticing the grass going to seed, and thinking “Ooh I have to take a picture! But what am I gonna put there?” and grabbing my daughter’s beanie baby since it was close to Easter.

The frozen door handle/mirror and tea picture, that’s a complete lack of ideas. Looking back, I could have used better representation. When I got my camera, I decided to learn via project 365, and regretted it after about a week of struggling to figure out what to shoot every day.

I appreciate the feedback, and will definitely work on not repeating my errors in the future. Thank you again!!