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I like the chocolate and (is it) whisky photo.  The hot dog is interesting.  Others like the pool at noon, avocado, cantaloupe, etc., seem slightly off.  Later I think I will sacrifice a tomato.  His background looks green against the black of his web page.

The guy with camera and cigar smoke is good.  Actually, most of his photos of people are good.  His page must use flash.  It took a long time for it to get going.  I went for a shower and when I came back it was much happier.  That probably hurts him for anyone who is just surfing.

I think I prefer the kiss on a beach to the sunset kiss.  The babies in a flower is a bit much, as is the cheerleader.  I see you needed a wider seamless roll for the cheerleader.  A good background for her would be out of focus stadium with fans in seats.