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Looking at just the Flickr photos I see you can pan pretty well.  I like the bicycle rider photo because it conveys motion and also seems to convey time of day.  The bagpiper could stand some fill light either from a flash or done in Lightroom (which EXIF data says you use).  The car with headlights could stand a little fill, just on the car.  If you are shooting in raw, ACR has a spot adjustment brush that can help with that.

The old phones and the next few are quite yellow due to incandescent light.  I think it works quite well in the phones photo and the light bulb photos, it may be too much in the others.

The train coming into the subway station (tube station?) could stand some fill.  Adding more exposure would burn out the overhead lights, fill will remove some of the dinginess.

The bench in the shade/bushes looks better in the thumbnail than full screen.  Different composition, contrast and lighting may help it but I didn’t take the time to examine options.

This building is twisted:


The left side is leaning toward us and the right side is leaning away.  In ACR, you can use the lens correction tool to fix that.

The Stonehenge set looks like you tried out a lot of different post processing techniques and couldn’t find one you liked.  Some sky is posterized.  I loaded this one


into ACR (yes, it will edit JPEG files too) and to my taste, about a stop of exposure and the fill slider moved to about a third, gives a pretty good result.  I haven’t made up my mind about cloning out the bird.  It’s cool that it was there.  It’s the same size as the people in the background.  Stonehenge is the famous rock collection.  I understand there are many similar sites.  Looking at your photos, I thought you had visited a different site, but I see “Stonehenge” in the text.  As an exercise, look up the photos of Stonehenge on the Internet, and see how yours compare.

The tower


needs straightening, and colour correction.  I used the concrete as a colour reference and got more realistic looking bricks.  It is unfortunate the top of the tower is missing.

I’m out of time.  A summary might be that your photos are generally dark (brightness, not subject content) and mildly interesting.  Post processing needs work.  Keep shooting.  Keep exploring.  Keep learning.