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Taken the webinar.  I gave her a stunning review because she asked for it.    She is good at photoshop and does advocate shooting it right in camera.  But honestly, I expected more.  The photoshop part was about 50 minutes and the images were processed Raw to finished.  She does not use actions, she does however use plugins and filters.  Then the remainder was to be a q&a session, but I guess the women I took the class with were too starstruck to properly utilize this session and ended up telling her how wonderful she was.  So I gather, I paid 10 dollars a minute to see how she processes a photo that was correct to start with.  Kind of pointless.  I want to see a webinar with normal people not models, and processing some real issues.   Meg’s style is not new, it’s not avantegard or whatever she calls it.  It’s a fad and with every fad – it will disappear.  Find your own path and don’t pay someone 550 dollars to suck them off.