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Wyatt and his family needs a little more contrast or saturation in the first frame.  Also, the horizon is not level.  The wall would be unusual here because it seems to be an outside wall but it also seems to have a baseboard.  It also has lines that should be vertical but which are leaning.  The left edge has a bright line that leaves the frame about a third from the bottom.  Admittedly, the crotch shot is of a male, but it’s still a crotch shot.  The posing seems unnatural.  The second frame is a photo of the baby’s nose?  That’s what’s in focus.  There is a lot of wasted space in the frame.  If you cropped the third frame nearly square, just at the bottom of the baby’s hand, it would improve that photo.  The fourth frame is kind of cool, children’s heads grow a lot in the first few years!  That frame shows that very well.  The older child may be a little too bright, but it is the best shot so far.  The fifth shot seems like you were too close again.  Part of the head got cropped, as did an arm and most of the legs.  I have no idea what you were trying to show.  Shot six makes no sense, too.  It was a newborn session?  Where is the newborn?  I just see an over exposed older child sitting on a wagon.  The seventh frame has the light in the wrong place.  The newborn is over exposed in the eighth frame.  Focus is half an inch too close to the camera in the ninth frame, but a deeper DOF would help more than adjusting focus for the eyes.  The tenth frame is too close again.  I suspect the baby is in the glove, the closeness and focus make the edge of the glove look like the sole of an old shoe.  The adult’s arm detracts from the shot.  Newborns are challenging.  Try for environments conducive to even skin tone and natural looking poses.  Pay attention to light, exposure, focus, depth of field and framing.