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not liking the processing at all.  Ruins shots that could work really well, and makes the ones that don’t look quite right (aka exposed improperly, bad light and shadows, bad focus, bad posing) , look even worse.


I like your studio/indoor shots better.  I dont know if it’s because you don’t process them the same way you do your outdoor shots, or if they are just better because you are paying better attention to light because it is controlled.

Hate to be redundant, but very odd processing, and the colors are really wonky.  Some almost look green and zombish, some blue, most look yellow.  and some sort of weird contrasty thing is happening.

Are you calibrated?  Have you finished/printed a lot of your photographs?  If not I think you should do it.  You can learn a lot from finishing your work, it may even change the way you shoot and/or process your images.

If you are using presets or actions like I suspect you do, please STOP!  (don’t defend this as YOUR style, because guess what?  it’s not.  It’s someone else’s money maker and it’s not working for you at all)

All in all though, I DO see a lot of potential.  I can see a little graduation from processed snap shots to more thought out shots going through your albums, and I can see that you care about what you are doing.  I dont think you are ready to be selling your services and products and this makes me have to put in my Fauxtog vote.  But if you were to slow down, and work on your photography, the technical aspects, and take time to learn proper editing techniques, instead of tweaking someone else’s preset/action, I could see you possibly going legit.


When your ready to go into business, I’d seriously consider investing in a real website, and not one that advertises all over it how easy and free it is. Maybe hire someone to come up with a logo for you as well.  Just like you don’t want your photography to look like anyone at all can do it, you don’t want a website that just anyone can have either.  It makes it all look cheap and easy and brings down the value of what you are doing.