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You should get gear that helps you shoot the subjects you are interested in.

If you are interested in macro photography, for instance, you could use a 50 mm lens and extension tubes, or for some subjects, a dedicated macro lens might work better.  But for grasshoppers a 400 mm lens with extension tubes and a 2X teleconverter gives closer focus and magnification to fill the frame with a single grasshopper from a distance that the grasshopper feels safe and does not take off.

Possibly the next things to get are a tripod, flash, reflector, remote shutter release, spare battery, extra memory cards?

Comute does not look as sharp as I expect it should.  That may be due to processing but I suspect camera movement based on the tower’s red light.

I like Coridor but try cropping the bottom from the edge of the blur, around the bigger green leaf.  See how it looks.  The trees on the right are not that sharp.   Look up Hyperfocal Distance.  It may have worked better at a shorter focal length.

Autumn Trunk is not doing anything for me.

Honda Shadow … does not do that much for me either but I am not that into bikes.  It does not look very sharp.  Post processing may need some work.  Look into sharpening, there are many ways, some easier than others.  All can be over done.  Good sharpening makes a difference.  Sharpening for printing is different than for the web.  Your camera has a low pass filter over the sensor to reduce the possibility of moire effects.  Post processing sharpening reverses the effect of that filter.  That’s the 5 second intro to a complicated subject.

I’m not sure how I feel about Portret.  Her eyes look odd.  The light is interesting.  She is obviously showing off the artwork on her finger.  She has a dent in her forehead.  The lighting may be more suitable for a male.  My eye jumps between her right hand and left eye.   I think it shows a mischievous character.