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I really want to like this site but the forum is mean spirited and filled with self rightious photographers that seem to have forgotten that they were beginners once. We are in a different time than when many of you began. At that time you probably weren’t able to post your fauxtog work because there wasn’t a Facebook then. I’m pretty sure that most of you sucked ass just as much as the beginner photographers posted on this blog.

Further, and I am guilty because the photos posted are really funny, the writting on the main blog is just not good. Not funny…even slightly.

Being a photographer is a learning process just like anything else. Most of you churn out crap that looks like every other photographers work. There is nothing new so please stop thinking you are somehow special because you can work the settingsĀ  on your camera.

Most of you know I am right and many of you will be a little pissed at my post. That’s ok. Just please stop spewing disrespect to fellow photographers. You are simply no better.