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Mrs Woo

I attempted to submit a fauxtog but for some reason the email didn’t go through.  I felt really bad about it on some levels, but not on others (but decided divine intervention had warned me to not go any farther).  She is marketing herself as a pro photographer with a Canon digital Elph and picmonkey.  I can’t even begin to imagine how upset some of her future clients (when/if she gets them) will be when they show up for their $100 photo shoot and she takes out a pocket camera and begins shooting away.  She also does weird effects in her landscapes where everything has about 1/4 inch of glow around it if you blow it up to screen size.  I just look at it and think… “How?  Why?”

Some of her pictures she doesn’t necessarily “claim” as hers, if that makes sense, either, and others she actually posts with tags like “I want to visit here one day” (on her supposedly commercial photography FB page) – if you’re just paging through and not opening up every picture, you’ll assume that she was the one that took the breath-taking waterfall shots or the beautiful white sand beach sunsets, etc.

So I really wish that she could be reasoned with.  When you point out to her that she really isn’t prepared, she does the whole, “My intentions are to get all the good stuff as I can afford it and I will just keep getting better, so my prices will go up as I get better” kind of thing.

She of course does not know what aperture is, doesn’t understand how fstop, ISO and shutter speed work together, has never worked with off-camera lighting, doesn’t even own a Rebel and kit lens let alone anything better.