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Agreed, very generic. I’d much rather see shots from a real wedding photographer that is able to make that personal experience and personal connection between people come through.
When I first started shooting more seriously and started actively trying to learn all I could, my photographer friend would share links with me, and I her. Kind of a “this is what I like, and this is who I admire”. She introduced me to some very wonderful photography/photographers. One day she sent me to jasmine star, and said “this is the ultimate goal” (or something like that. She’s an event/portrait photog).
At first sight I was thinking “She’s not a wedding photographer, this is like a giant infomercial for upcoming photographers, not clients. This is weird!”. My first exposure to photography evangelism. “No wonder so many are jumping on this weird ass band wagon. This is some serious marketing! It’s compelling as heck!” Amway at it’s finest. It still makes me laugh to think that this genre of photography has turned into a Tupperware, or some sort of pyramid scheme of sorts. I find it crazy weird, and very interesting to watch, but it makes me cringe, and think of all those photographers rolling in their graves over some of the crap that goes on. There’s some serious money in it though. Kudos to all of them for finding their market.
Right after seeing her site and checking it all out, her Facebook, blog, etc. I did a google search “Jasmine Star fraud” and what do you know? My instincts were right on the money, and I wasn’t the only one that felt the way I did.
Honestly, I’m not a negative person, I just question things that don’t quite sit right.