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I can say I’ve never been on the Jasmine Star hype train. I’ve never thought of her work as “world class” either. I think it’s incredibly common for ideas (and the delivery of said ideas) to be very very close to each other. I don’t feel this is “plagarism” per se, but I do feel like she should write out a blog on word or something, pinpoint her ideas and then add personal anecdotes/sample shots/etc. Only after getting the meat of the article sorted out first.
While O’Donnell is very straight forward, the thing about “teachers” like Jasmine Star (Alex Beadon also comes to mind) is their ability to appeal to an audience through their delivered personality. Military wives, college girls with a fresh starter dslr, etc. are more interested in “real” people rather than cut and dry teaching styles provided by books and some other pros.

Personally, I take all their advice with a grain of salt. I’ll absorb the information from anywhere but I do think she’s way overhyped.