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Well, from Photogzilla:

The images used by the organizers mislead people into believing that Jasmine Star either took the photos or would be able to teach how to take similar ones; neither is true. The organizers of the workshop were fully aware of these facts. The organizers even hid their use of Ms. Molina’s images from her. People were led to believe they would be learning about editorial photography, similar to the technical style demonstrated in the unauthorized images.

Seems to me we just caught Lord ___________, a couple of weeks ago, and some guy in the US using a good photographer’s photo to promote boudoir sessions.  I’m definitely unfavourably impressed by that behaviour!

The assertion in the video is that Ms. Star is not qualified to teach the material in the workshop.  The second assertion is her workshops are not worth the fee charged.  I don’t know anything about Jasmine Star, or her workshops.  I do consider using someone else’s photography to promote your photography business to be fraud, even if you purchased complete rights to the photos.  In Ms. Star’s case it seems the real photographer found out via broadcast email!

While I can’t get too excited about someone regurgitating parts of a blog someone else regurgitated, the accusation by Photogzilla represents a definite, blatant infringement of copyright and fraudulent business practice.  I think that is far more damning.


The Fast Food for Though piece at the bottom is great!