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Thanks for that Cameraclicker.

Good points on the ear, and lighting in the first one.

The hat on the second one made me cringe when i noticed. I’d already took several cars and a sign out but missed the top of the round building. The buildings are fully operable, Leeds City just looks a bit derelict 🙂

the over exposed one is pretty shoddy in hindsight, fair enough.

The comments on her looking like a teenage boy are out of line in my opinion, perhaps, like two other people that day, you associate short hair with men and long hair with women, it’s not 1950  😉

Chalk it up to my over-active imagination, but why does she look like a teenage boy who is being photographed by a concealed camera during a drug purchase?

I’ll chalk that up to your over-active imagination! But she is a teenager, so you’re right in part.

I don’t know what happened on Flickr. I don’t really comment much. Faves and views rocketed about two months ago and haven’t stopped. I don’t see the volume of views and faves as an indication of brilliance though 🙂

Thanks for the comments; mostly helpful, the rest smacking of that photographer back handedness that i’ve grown to love. 🙂