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No, though he definitely seems to over-edit a lot of the shots. But, that certainly doesn’t mean he doesn’t also have “clean” edits he has presented the clients with, and maybe just posted the ones with more effects on them. Some look overexposed. I think he has some technical stuff to work on, (a couple looked too soft and the coloring of some looked off) but he has a pretty consistent style, and what I feel is a good understanding of his lenses/equpiment. He does a lot of very wide-angle shots, some maybe with a fisheye lense (?) and I see A LOT of great emotion conveyed in the images. He seems to catch the moment well.

I used to post more of the photos I had done extra effects to and a friend of mine suggested I also post the clean edits, so that clients can see that I do consistent normal editing and not just the more wild effects, so I started doing that more. Often clients love the fun stuff to use on their Facebook profile pics, etc, but every client is going to want all the photos from their session to look consistent also.