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Just to clarify a couple of things:


My friend wasn’t happy from the moment she saw the photos.  The editing could have been better as this particular photographer started off doing digital artwork etc so is fully capable of erasing a bit of background properly.

She had been going to get newborn photographs done but then was offered this shoot by this photographer.  Who does newborn shoots and charges for them.  I think it was a ‘bump to baby’ package she was wanting to try out?

It was the ‘well you’re not paying so I’m not giving you top quality stuff’ attitude that upset my friend when she voiced her legitimate concerns.  Noone else got involved until weeks and weeks had passed.  I’m not entirely sure what else my friend could have done, frankly.  She sent private messages to start with, then when she was ignored she wrote on the ‘tog’s wall.  Then when those were ignored, her husband tried.  I don’t think that’s poor conduct.  Obviously I’m biased because my friend has been shafted, but if you’re sat waiting to hear back from someone who won’t answer your PMs but is happily posting to Facebook, surely it’s logical to post to Facebook instead to try to get their attention?

I’m just absolutely gutted for her as she now has no photos (bar two rubbish FB downloads) of her daughter, and has had a whole shitstorm brought down upon her by this woman.
Chalk it up to experience I guess, thanks for your help 🙂