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This is one of those situations where both parties are in the wrong and both are right at the same time.

Not matter what the service is, unless it is something that can actually cause physical harm, you most times get what you pay for. If the service was free, be grateful that someone is offering it to you. If it sucks, then it sucks, you’re out nothing but time and aggravation. Simple as that.

Think of it this way, nothing is truly free unless there is an advantage for one of the parties to make out after the service is done. For example, continental breakfast after a hotel stay, yes the breakfast is free, but only if you stayed here, otherwise not free. Is it going to be a breakfast that you are going to rave about and post to your blog? Probably not, but it is free.

Think of it this way, if the service were any good, would it be free?  Ever hear of free dentistry, Nope!

The fauxtog is wrong as well, to conduct yourself as a professional is key, no matter if your client paid or not. If you are offering your service for free, then you are using that person for advertising purposes for later on. Do yourself a favor and do a bang-up job with it and let them be “wowed” so that they may tell their “paying” friends to hire you.
The client apparently didn’t come to them begging them to do a free photo-shoot, at least not as explained in the previous post, so you (the fauxtog) were the one in need of subject matter.

The lady is upset because she does not have photos of her newborn, she could have had other photos taken, or taken them herself. If I remember right, cell phones have cameras in them now, but that may be just a rumor I heard.

Here is what should have transpired:
1. The fauxtog offered to take “free” photos of ladies newborn.
2. Photo delivers photos as is, with or without edits.
3. Lady should grateful of photos, she didn’t pay for them regardless. If they suck, move on and don’t recommend that fauxtog.
4. Fauxtog goes out of business for not treating future clients with respect and delivering sub-par products and service.
5. Everyone is happy and back to sniffing helium (hi pitched voice screaming)