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Attacked? You don’t know how lucky you are that ebi was asleep when you posted!

You posted here, so you must of wanted comments.

But the link you posted didn’t work and even after doing a facebook search the best I could find was a google listing for Shalem photography. So the only thing I had to comment on was your post.

I told you that we’ve had a spate of posts recently that have been trying to bad mouth photographers who aren’t faux worthy, and I pointed out they always come from new posters. This is all true. Trying to get a 19 year olds facebook page mentioned here is pretty harsh, so I’m guessing you have had dealings with this girl? You could have just posted a link and waited for our comments but YOU attacked her with your comments.

If you really are not a troll and you want to engage in a conversation about photography, please answer my question. Why did you feel the need to tell us what camera you own?