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If you go back through enough of the old threads you will see I am one of those who has been appalled, saddened, amazed, astounded, and so on, by some of the terrible photos which have apparently been paid for by someone.  At the same time, if the photographer’s advertising is showing photos of the same quality they are delivering to their customers, at least there is a degree of honesty and the customer should know what to expect.  Caveat emptor, and all that.

It looks like she has had one photo shoot with a model and while the results aren’t awesome, they’re not totally front page worthy here, either.  She seems to have white balance problems and too much DOF for typical model photos, but it also sounds like she has barely started to accumulate gear and is using basic kit level stuff.   Stay tuned, she may surprise you.

What I was wondering about was your statement.  Since you only have clients if they pay you, how do you get lots of clients if you don’t charge them?  It seems like a chicken and egg situation.  And, she has to start somewhere if she is going to start.

So-so photos from someone who says, “I’ve been doing this for a year, and finally I am getting a better camera” seems pretty reasonable.  She’s not saying she’s an awesome pro and you can have super photos for cheap.