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LOL mrs Woo, this actually makes a little bit of sense. I for one can’t spell certain words for the life of me, even with the help of spell check there are a few that I butcher horribly that even spell check gives me a “wtf”. I’m reasonably well educated, I have a pretty decent vocabulary, Read on average 3 novels a week, but I just can’t spell “definitely” without some mad help. I before E gets me every time, and homonyms…. damn homonyms. Too, to, two, Hear and here, they get me all the time, even though I know the difference between them.

I think there may be a plateau for some people. I’m an artist ( as in pen/paint to paper) and I know i’ll never be Dali,  but I’m decent enough. Maybe it’s the same with some photographers, since there is A LOT of Artistic theory involved. Rule of thirds, composition, post production takes a certain amount o artistic creativity that maybe they’ve reached their max on. Some people learn to make really cool stick figures, but can’t move past it.