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Keeping in mind I don’t have a clue how much 600 Euros represents, to you, I don’t see a problem.  The photos at the link look good.  A lot of work goes into a wedding.  The night before you get all your gear organized.  The day of, you get to the various venues on time, with your gear, and have to be alert and focused for (in this case) 8 hours, then you take your gear back home and have hours/days of selecting and editing.

Part of wedding photography is the chemistry between the photographer and the couple, part is technical expertise, part is the good luck to get a nice day and beautiful location.  If you like the photos and no one else is offering you a portfolio you like for 400 Euros, why not?

I have said this before, professional means you get paid, amateur means you do it because you love it, neither word is tied to quality of results and I can point out amateurs with portfolios that are the equal of the best professionals.  On the pages here, there are lots of photos that are purported to have been taken by professionals.  Some make me laugh, some give pause, and some break my heart when I see wedding photos that are beyond recovery.